Saturday, January 26, 2013

Twitter True Confessions

I am addicted to Twitter. There, I said it.

I think Twitter is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

I have been using Twitter for about four years. Wow, that's a long time in social media terms. It was hard to get the hang of it, but over time it has become a way of life.

[ I suspect by this point, you're either nodding in agreement or racing to find the 'unfollow' button. ]

Some of you may be dismayed to learn that I don't use it just for #genealogy. Some background: I am a relatively old person, at least in internet terms, married, has two awesome and amazingly busy kids, works as both an employee in a tiny office and as a part-time bookkeeper, loves sports, watches as much TV as I can fit in, whines on occasion, and sometimes just wants to learn by reading an interesting article. Oh yeah, and I research my family! My real life is fairly contained physically: drive to work, drive to practice, drive to the grocery store, repeat. Twitter is my way to get 'out there' and connect with people who share my interests.

For a while I tried having two accounts. It wasn't working. So now you're stuck with all of me. I understand if you follow then unfollow me. I don't check my numbers. It doesn't matter to me, really. Twitter is my outlet. Take it or leave it.

I learn a lot from the accounts I follow. It's a great way to read when I only have a few minutes. I really do read a LOT of your genealogy posts and blog links. I use the search feature to put in unusual surnames and locations. I follow some of the new international 'country voice' accounts to learn about what happens in the world.

This is just my way of saying: Twitter is awesome and is an invaluable part of my life right now. Thanks for reading. I am probably off on another suburban adventure. I really am SallyOnTheGo.

© 2013 Sally Knudsen


  1. I be honest I never really got on with Twitter. I find it far too complicated. But I do know that for those it does work for it is an amazing thing.

    Great post.

    Beneath Thy Feet

  2. I like Twitter also! It makes me feel part of a genealogical community that's friendly and generous. Although I did publish a family history memoir last year, and I'm a writer, when it comes to genealogy I'm not much more than a hobbyist. But I like to learn. I like to read blog posts and read comments on my own posts. Like you, I love to connect with people who share my interests.

    I'm probably older than you. My kids are grown. I've taught college literature all my life, and I'm one of those "bites off more than she can chew" persons who has a list of interests a mile long. I'm trying to balance Twitter with other writing, family responsibilities, and promoting the last book. And of course (!!) the family archiving has made its way to me. Too much to do is my name.

    But Twitter does have that siren call . . . just one more article! Currently I signed up as a guest poster for the Family History Writing Challenge. More work. Then I went to the Evidentia webinar. More work. Well, I'll ride this wave as far as it takes me.

    Enjoyed your post! It's good to meet you.