Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shaking My Own Leaves

Earlier this year, I posited the question Where is your GEDCOM? I received a couple of suggestions (thank you!) but ended up making a new decision.

My original purpose in asking the question of GEDCOM location was to try to find a place where I had control, was accessible to potential cousins, of little or no cost, and wasn't going to be made part of the Ancestry family. I'll try to shake my own leaves, thankyouverymuch.

Several years ago, I purchased the services of The Next Generation genealogy templates*. I'd seen several trees using this, and thought, let's do it. I transferred the files, uploaded my family tree data, and then just sort of... left it. I never gave it the attention it needed and my webpages floundered.

I couldn't expect to find cousins without a tree, so once again, I purchased (for about $35, not bad) the newest TNG templates and started tree-ing away. This time I have tried to learn more about the backend of the website. I've made minor edits to the template, decided what information to have viewable, and uploaded several dozen photos so far. TNG offers online help forums and a wiki. The templates are as customizable as you want them to be, as long as you have a grasp of PHP coding or are not afraid to try, like me.

I will still keep learning about the program. I have internal debates about privacy and access. For now, I am leaving the site open and have not loaded any living person data. That's my happy medium. I attributed the photos to the owners (and have been pretty good about asking if I can use them - answers are always 'yes!').

Here is my website: SallySearches. Have a look around and check your surnames. Maybe we are related!

*Disclaimer: I purchased the templates with my own personal funds. I have no connection to the website or owner.

© 2013 Sally Knudsen

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  1. Hi, Sally -- I looked at your surnames, but the only possible relationship is through McDonald. I'll have to get further with my McDonalds before I can say for sure.

    I believe I know what you mean about the internal debates involving privacy and access. I settled on a Private ancestry tree through FTM, so that only my family members have access and then they can be Contributors of only photos and stories, not vital data. I do notice that my "adds" of ancestry documents, like ship arrivals and such, are sometimes duplicated in others' public trees, but I figure they can't assimilate the core my information or "merge" with me.

    (Reminds me of the Deep Space Nine myth of the Borg: Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.)

    I'm really glad that the TNG templates are working for you. Kudos to you for having a grasp of PHP coding.

    When there's enough control to be comfortable, building family trees (with verified data) feels good. Especially with added pictures.