Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Hummel Family

The Hummel Family

Standing (L to R):

Herman Christian, Anna Barbara [twin], Lorenz Simon, 
Emilie Friederika [twin], Hugo Karl

Seated (L to R):

Carolina Christina (Ebinger) Hummel, Arthur Louis, Carolina Christina, 
Johann Lorenz Hummel, Otto Karl

Taken circa 1893, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan

Both "Lorenz" men used the name "Lawrence" in America.
They were both my direct ancestors.
This is one of my favorite ancestral photographs.

© 2013 Sally Knudsen


  1. What a lineup of serious and direct gazes! And a gathering of handsome people. A good-looking family.

    1. They are! I love this because it really is crisp and clear, and I don't have many photos with this many people in them.

  2. Such a beautiful picture. Makes me sad that I don't have such pictures of my own family.