Friday, April 24, 2015

Slightly Sidetracked

I'm still here, I swear.

Now that I've discovered DNA testing, I've vastly altered how I research. It takes a lot of time and I am so fascinated! I hope to get a better grip on various results and start blogging about them soon.

So many ways to get sidetracked! This:

and these:

Kid1 winning a college 3000m last weekend

Kid2 (r) running an Illinois Top 10 1600m time last weekend

Me: wandering through the past and cheering on the present. Thanks for your patience!

© 2015 Sally Knudsen


  1. I like that, Sally: wandering through the past and cheering on the present. I'm right there with you, with college graduation and all the associated festivities looming in just over two weeks!

    More than that, though, I totally agree: life after DNA testing brings a whole new way of looking at our research. I'm interested in seeing what else you are thinking on this topic,

    1. Thanks Jacqi. Congratulations and enjoy your crazy Spring! It's hard to stop the DNA searching to actually write about it :)