Friday, April 1, 2011

All about Sally

Like so many others, I have become fascinated by my family history. I was always a good student and enjoyed school, but history and sociology were never my things. Maybe it was sneaking peeks at some of the small family heirlooms we had, or realizing that my great-grandparents, who I spent much time with as a child, had to come from somewhere that finally got me going.

I began taking handwritten notes in my teens, then learned about the resources available at both the public and LDS libraries. I learned to write actual letters requesting data. Then came the internet! Computers have always been a part of my professional life, so being a good *user* was no problem. I am glad I started as early as I did, so that I can work on as much as possible while keeping tabs on the technology that goes with it.

I hope to post some of my findings and stories. I also have lots to rave and complain about from my real life! Thanks!