Friday, August 2, 2013

Hummel's By The Numbers

My Hummel family of Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan was led by immigrants to the Midwestern US, much like hundreds of other families of the mid-1800's. We learned previously that they had a "spirited" horse that drew the family buggy. It was transportation but it was also the catalyst for many mishaps, and ultimately even the death of son Otto in 1897.

Before we learn of the fate of the progenitor, Johann Lorenz "Lawrence" Hummel, let's fill in some detail about the family. Lawrence was married to Christina Carolina "Carrie" Ebinger in Michigan in 1869. They were both German immigrants. They had ten children in total:

Johann Lorenz HUMMEL
  born: 16 May 1843, Bünzwangen, Donaukreis, Wuerttemburg, Germany
  died: 16 Sep 1901, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan
  parents: David HUMMEL and Rosina Dorothea BUCHELE

 +Christina Carolina EBINGER
  born: 7 Jul 1849, Däfern, Backnang, Wuerttemburg, Germany
  marr: 28 Nov 1869, Coldwater, Branch, Michigan
  died: 28 Mar 1895, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan
  parents: F EBINGER and Unknown

|--David Leonhard Ludwig HUMMEL
|    born: 17 Jun 1870, Coldwater, Branch, Michigan
|    died: 8 Mar 1875, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan

|--Caroline Christine HUMMEL
|    born: 31 Dec 1871, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan
|    died: 22 Jun 1951, Lima, Allen, Ohio
     never married

|--Anna Barbara HUMMEL
|    born: 22 Dec 1873, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan
|    died: 25 Aug 1937, Lansing, Ingham, Michigan
     married to William Frederick REITZ, no children

|--Emilie Friederika HUMMEL
|    born: 22 Dec 1873, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan
|    died: 24 Sep 1965, San Diego, San Diego, California
    married to Edwin F. SPIES, five children

|--Lorenz Simon HUMMEL
|    born: 21 Feb 1876, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan
|    died: 9 Nov 1934, Lansing, Ingham, Michigan
     my ancestor, subject of future posts

|--Hugo Karl HUMMEL
|    born: 25 Jan 1878, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan
|    died: 29 Oct 1967, Lansing, Ingham, Michigan
    married Flora May FOSTER, one child

|--Herman Christian HUMMEL
|    born: 29 Aug 1880, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan
|    died: 19 Oct 1929, Pemberville, Wood, Ohio
    married Louise Sophia ERNSTHAUSEN, five children

|--Otto Karl HUMMEL
|    born: 30 Sep 1883, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan
|    died: 18 May 1897, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan

|--Arthur Louis HUMMEL
|    born: 14 Feb 1886, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan
|    died: 10 Feb 1967, Lansing, Ingham, Michigan
    married Emma Mary LIPKE, two children

|--Alma Emma Barbara HUMMEL
     born: 6 Jan 1889, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan
     died: 7 Mar 1890, Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan

Carrie Hummel died in 1895 from intestinal complications, She was only 46 years old and left several children still at home. By 1902, all of the surviving children, except Herman and Arthur, had married and most moved north to Lansing, Ingham, Michigan. The Hummel's all worked as laborers and tradesmen, first in manufacturing, then in automobile and ancillary production work.

Next, we will learn the circumstances regarding Lawrence's death.
Six of the surviving siblings:
Herman, Carrie, Arthur, Hugo, Barbara and Lawrence
c 1925 probably in Lansing, Michigan
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