Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to School

School has begun and that has brought lots of changes in my household. Fall is in the air. Actually that part is not true, as we are pushing 100 degrees in Chicagoland this week. That is my excuse to explain not blogging much lately - too busy and too hot!

circa I'm not telling :)

Yep, that's me and my old neighborhood gang, on the first day of school. It was my first day of kindergarten! I'm on the left in the blue dress, rocking the pigtails and saddle shoes.

Now I have my own children that both started new schools this year. My youngest is a freshman in high school. Our grade and middle school district feeds into a larger high school district, so my son is not only getting used to classes, but to meeting lots of new kids. He is also on the cross country team, so now has some long days!

My oldest son started...college. I can hardly believe it. He earned scholarships to a private area university and is staying on campus. Part of his scholarship is running on the cross country team. He moved into his room with a high school teammate back in mid-August to start training camp. He intends on earning a History degree with a teaching certification. At least that's the current plan! And this weekend, the team has it's first out-of-state meet in Michigan. We have always attended every possible cross country meet the boys have run, but I think Michigan will be too far :)  

I have also decided to go back to school, in a manner of speaking. I have enrolled in two Coursera courses that start soon. Coursera is a consortium of universities from around the world that offer college courses free to anyone in the world that wants to sign up. I am taking "History of the World since 1300" from Princeton University, and "Understanding Media by Understanding Google" from Northwestern University. I am really excited about this new challenge. I always said to myself that if college were free, I would keep going. Now it is!

I will definitely be blogging, but perhaps not on a regular schedule through the fall. I know those old ancestors (and hopefully my fellow bloggers) will still be waiting for me!

© 2013 Sally Knudsen