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#52Ancestors (38) More McWeeney's

Last week I wrote specifically about Mary Ann McWEENEY RILEY of Lockport, Will, Illinois. This post will share some more details about her family.

Patrick McWEENEY, her father, was the family's immigrant ancestor. He was born about 1815 in Ireland. His wife was Mary Ann last name unknown. Mary Ann had a sister Elizabeth who was married to Charles CLIFFORD, another Irish immigrant to Lockport.

Patrick and Mary Ann had the following known family:

  1. Ellen, born about 1840 in County Lietrim, Ireland
    1. married to John KANE in 1859 in Lockport
      1. Rose Anna
      2. Ellen
    2. married to Charles RUNYAN in 1864 in Lockport
      1. Mary Jane
      2. John
      3. James
      4. Francis
      5. Laura
      6. Andrew
      7. Elizabeth 
      8. Charles
      9. Edward
  2. Francis, c 1842 Ireland - 1850 Illinois
  3. Mary Ann, born 15 Mar 1843 in Montreal, Canada
    1. married Thomas RILEY in 1865 in Lockport
      1. Elizabeth
      2. James
      3. John
      4. Andrew
  4. Patrick, c 1844 - 1892 Illinois, no family
  5. Andrew, 1845 - c 1892 Illinois
    1. married Rose Anna STANNER in 1876 in Lockport, no children
  6. John, 1848 - 1920 Illinois, no family
The McWEENEYs and associated families moved between the parishes of Saint Dennis in Lockport, and Saint James at Sag Bridge in Lemont, Cook, Illinois. These towns were both stops along the Illinois and Michigan Canal.

Saint James at Sag Bridge church

Saint Dennis church
So many clues, so much more to find.

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