Thursday, January 17, 2013

THIMBY Thursday - Indian Mounds

Last year, I started posting to my own themed day: THIMBY Thursday. It means "The History In My Backyard". I coined it myself (wink wink).

I don't know if it is genealogy or aging or what exactly, but lately it seems important to document the interesting and historical places around me. When I was a kid, I couldn't wait to leave home. But as an adult, I am learning to appreciate my surroundings. So many things seem to be disappearing to progress or foreclosure or obsolescence. And I always try to have a camera with me for those "ooh look at that" kind of moments.

Today's THIMBY is the Indian burial mound site located along the Des Plaines River and Interstate 55, near the village of Channahon, Illinois. If you grew up in the Midwest, you may already be familiar with Cahokia or Dickson Mounds, early cultures that left behind burial mounds. But there are smaller, less well-known but equally interesting sites in Illinois. This mound site is known as the Briscoe Mounds, named for the early family that settled here.

It is kind of amazing that a quiet little village less than hour from Chicago was home to an early civilization. The mounds are dated to between AD 100 and AD 1000. They had an advantageous view over the river, as seen in the last photograph.

Go grab your camera. Let's see what kind of history you can find in your backyard!

© 2013 Sally Knudsen