Friday, March 22, 2013

Let's Regroup Before Denmark

My family's Danish adventurer, Knud Rasmus Knudsen, left Denmark and ended up in Chicago, Illinois. So far in my investigation of Knud's Danish roots, I have some certain clues and some suspected clues. One of those is an immigration record in Denmark. But before getting too excited, let's regroup [Danish Post #3] and list the facts I have:

Gravestone in Cedar Park Cemetery with dates 1865-1927
Cook County Death Certificate with death date 18 Apr 1927

1920 Chicago, age 54, immigration 1891
1910 Chicago, age 44, immigration 1889
1900 Chicago, born Dec 1865, immigration 1890

New York Passenger lists, Ship Eider, landing 7 Jul 1891

Danish Emigration Archives, born 1865, leaving Aarhus, emigrating 22 Jun 1891

Cook County Death Certificate with birth date 9 Dec 1862
Father is Rasmus Knudsen

We have all encountered data that isn't quite a match due to poor reporting, sloppy handwriting, and even creative aging! In Knud's case, his data is extremely consistent. Before exploring records in Denmark, I want to make sure I have a good handle on the facts as gathered. I feel pretty good now, looking for Knud Rasmus Knudsen, son of Rasmus Knudsen, born in Aarhus on or about December of 1865.

Here we go!

More in the next post...

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