Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - The Clifford Mystery

Charles and Elizabeth Clifford, Irish immigrants, have some mysterious (read: not yet known) connection to my Lockport McWeeney and Riley families. Members of my McWeeney family lived with the Clifford's over several censuses. What that connection is, and even more mysterious, the fate of the Clifford's, has yet to be determined.

Charles Clifford has this tall monument bearing his name in South Lockport a/k/a Saint Dennis Cemetery, Lockport, Will, Illinois. And that's it. Just the name "C. Clifford". There are carving panels on each side that are all blank. It doesn't even mention his wife. It is also one of the tallest markers in the entire cemetery.

Is anyone buried in the Clifford grave?

 C. Clifford

C. Clifford, with John McWeeney in the lot

Known census records:

1850 Illinois, Will, Lockport: Charles 31, Elizabeth 29, both from Ireland
1860 Illinois, Will, Lockport: Charles 45, Elizabeth 44, both from Ireland

1852 Illinois Land Tract Database: eight separate Lockport village lot purchases

And then...poof!
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