Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Really the Riley Family

This is really a family stone, and a little bit unique at that. The Riley family stone memorializes many of my family members. I wish I was tall enough to photograph it evenly.

Virginia 1906-1917 (daughter)
Elizabeth 1909-1940 (daughter)
Lizzy 1866-1948 (sister)
John 1871-1955 (patriarch and my great-grandfather)
Rena 1882-1967 (his wife and my great-grandmother)
Joe 1911-1986 (son)
Irene 1909-1998 (daughter)
Bernice 1914- (daughter)

John and Rena (Blanchard) Riley and their unmarried children, as well as John's sister Lizzy, are all buried in this family plot. Bernice, who died in 2000, is the exception. She is my grandmother and is buried in Elmhurst Cemetery in Joliet, Illinois alongside my grandfather. There was a family rift that I was never privy to, and the reason Bernice is in "both" cemeteries is carried to their respective graves.

South Lockport a/k/a Saint Dennis Cemetery
Lockport, Will County, Illinois
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