Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Runyon Cemetery

These are the repaired and replacement graves in Runyon Cemetery, in Lockport, Will, Illinois (see my previous post). Unfortunately, it has been vandalized over the years, even inside the boundaries of the Will County Forest Preserve. The cemetery is well-protected by the living neighbors, who were keeping a watchful eye the day I entered the property.  It is a place you would never know existed unless you were knowingly searching for it, which should help keep it preserved.

It is a lovely little spot, isn't it?

approaching the cemetery

 Oliver P., son of Armstead and Mary Crawford Runyon (1846-1853)

Win(i)fred, daughter of Armstead and Mary Crawford Runyon (1847-1849)

Anna Hornbecker Runyon (c1801-1839)
first wife of Armstead Runyon

cemetery view, Anna's grave at back right

Will County Centennial Committee marker, 1936
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