Sunday, July 14, 2013

Playin' With PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a nifty free photo editor. If you are looking for a quick, multi-option editor to add effects to your photos, give it a try.

PicMonkey is totally internet-based. From the home page, you simply select a photograph from your computer and begin editing. There is nothing to download. The application is free. There is also a more fully-featured version available with registration, but the basic version is packed with choices. It includes options for red-eye reduction and blemish correction for faces. After you find an effect, simply choose "Apply." You can keep editing, or "Save" to a location on your computer. That's it!

Here is a photograph I took recently in bright sunshine, and I made several PicMonkey edits to it:

original photo

blue tint with rain drops
black and white
sepia tone with Polaroid frame
blur with museum matte frame
darkened with space texture
lips - because you can!

© 2013 Sally Knudsen