Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Love Technology ... and New Toys

After reading about the Flip-Pal® mobile scanner on almost every genealogy-related website, I finally decided to treat myself by ordering one.

I ordered the scanner, a zipper storage bag, and a set of rechargeable batteries.  I did not order the extra software bundle.

At first, I tried it around the house with items on the glass flatbed.  It scanned as well, if not better, than my large Epson flatbed scanner.  The more interesting part was scanning without the lid:  truly using the "flip" ability of the scanner.

O. M. G.  It is amazing!  Today, I carried it around an old archives room scanning deeds.  It was as simple as laying the deed on a flat surface, gently flipping the Flip-Pal on top of it, and pressing the green button.  The forms I scanned were letter and legal size.  I made several passes with the scanner and returned the documents.  Done!

The best part came later.  I transferred the scans via the included 2G media card to my computer.  I selected the Toolbox and "EasyStitch" software (and admittedly didn't even read the directions).  I chose four scans from my deed, waited about 2 minutes, and there on my computer screen was a complete deed.  I am stunned at how well it seamlessly joins the photos.

Another plus is there is no power cord, so no restrictions on where you can scan.  I am still on the original pair of batteries.  I feel that occasionally changing batteries is worth not being plugged in.

I cannot recommend this enough and can't wait to use it more!  Great job, Flip-Pal®!

Flip-Pal® website

Disclaimer:  I purchased this product with my own funds.  I have no financial stake in this company.  My opinions and reviews are my own.
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