Friday, March 9, 2012

Follow Friday

In many ways I feel like the New Kid in the world o' genealogy blogging.  I have "had" this blog since 2009, but only really made a concerted effort to post last fall.  These are two reasons that helped me get back on track:

I follow Thomas via posts to Geneabloggers, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  His blog is so helpful for us little guys. I most appreciate his well-organized posts and ideas using technology in genealogy.  By following some of the blogging prompts, I can keep on top of my own posting.  It's kind of my mental posting calendar right now.  I even started my own weekly prompt: THIMBY Thursday spotlighting The History in My Backyard.  Thanks Thomas!

For a cosmic reason I have yet to understand, I spend an inordinate amount of time in cemeteries.  When I lived in Michigan and was able to visit ancestral cemeteries, I took lots of pictures.  We have since moved to Illinois, so I treasure those paper reminders of my ancestors.  Now I photograph area cemeteries just because they're there! Find A Grave is the lucky recipient of most of my work.

When I came across Amy's gravestone blog, I knew I wasn't alone in my cemetery travails.  She posts many interesting old stones with stories and epitaphs.  Her blog is simple but compelling.  I enjoy seeing stones older and dissimilar to the ones in my area.  We even discovered a genealogical connection, and she probably thinks she has a stalker!  Thanks Amy!