Thursday, March 15, 2012

THIMBY Thursday - The History In My Backyard - Boom!

Progress is inevitable.

It happens in every time period and for every generation.  Something bigger, better, or shinier is always around the corner.

This past December, I learned the shocking orange watertower in Minooka, Grundy, Illinois, was going to be felled. Apparently, it cost too much to upgrade.  It is not the prettiest of landmarks, but it was a fixture in Minooka for at least 50 years. You could see it for miles around, even from the interstate.

I happened to be in Minooka when the end came.  It was quick and LOUD!

Maybe it's worth it to photograph or otherwise memorialize these "landmarks".  Who knows how long they will last?  Won't you miss them when they're gone?  Grab your camera!

What can you share from your backyard?
© 2012 Sally Knudsen