Thursday, March 8, 2012

THIMBY Thursday - The History In My Backyard - A Bush and A Plow

I was recently wandering around Lockport Cemetery in Lockport, Will, Illinois.  I photographed a few of the really old, interesting stones.  Just because.  You cemetery walkers know what I mean.

This stone was old and and repaired and not particularly interesting, but I'm glad I photographed it.  When I looked through the downloaded photos and saw how the bush was growing behind it, I knew artistically it was a keeper.  I will have to go back in the summer to see what it looks like "alive".

July 21, 1883
Aged 79(?) years

A little research shows that John Griswold was instrumental in the creation of the first steel plow.  The plow was invented, but not patented, by John Lane of Homer Township, Will, Illinois in 1833.  An area history states that Griswold helped mount the plow to a useful wooden frame.

And there is yet another example of history everywhere. Or happy coincidence.

What can you share from your backyard?
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