Sunday, February 26, 2012

1940 Census Ambassador

Recently, I signed on to become a 1940 Census Ambassador. You can, too! See over there?  -->

I'm not sure how many people I will reach, but some are better than none, right?

The 1940 release date is getting closer, and I am beginning to consider who I might look for first.  The obvious answer is my dad, who was 4 years old.  My mother will miss the 1940 by months, as my grandmother was still pregnant on the 1940 census day!  Sorry mom, but you have a ten year wait.

Both sets of my grandparents were married in the 1930's - paternal in 1934 and maternal in 1939.  I am very curious to see them in a household of their own.  My paternal grandfather was raised by his mother - his father died suddenly while his mother was pregnant with him - and lived among extended family.  I don't know a lot about his cousins, so the 1940 census will help.

Coincidentally, my maternal grandfather was also raised in a single-parent household - his mother died of pneumonia when he was 11 years old - so I want to see how his father and siblings lived.

BIG GOAL - seeing the family structures of my grandparents and their immediate families.

Census countdown - 36 days!